Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Well, someone outbid 'ol Steve, thank goodness! The auction was over at 10:00 this morning and a guy from Katy, Tx. made the winning bid. I am very pleased. I have sent an email to him confirming his purchase, but haven't heard back yet. I wish he would contact me. I will just feel better about it when I hear from him. But he has 48 hours to make a payment thru paypal, so it's probably OK. Guess I just got a little ansie after dealing with Steve. This guy from Katy has 438 positive feedback scores with Ebay so he sounds good!

I'm going to work this afternoon for a couple of hours at the courthouse. My friend, LuAnn called yesterday and asked if I could come help out and I said I would. Mason is going out to ride his dirtbike for a couple of hours. It's really a nice day out. Hope you enjoy yours!

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