Friday, January 13, 2006

Words from Johnathan

I found this post on another blog that I happened upon. It was written by a young man named Johnathan who is only 19 yrs old. I thought it shows very much wisdom for a man of 19. And I know that true wisdom comes from God. So I consider this young man very blessed of God to know such things!

Why Does God Allow "Evil?" --by Johnathan

The recent hurricane Katrina has brought this question to the surface once again and quite frankly I am disappointed at the answers given by some revered Christian leaders to this question. This is the answer I have heard again and again, it goes something like this, "we don't know, we just have to trust God". I agree that we have to trust God, but the Bible is very clear on why there is suffering. Here is the answer I believe that should be given: "Who art thou, oh man that you reply against God?" (Romans 9:20). We deserve Hell for all eternity and anything less than that is an incredible mercy. How is it that we, every day shake our fist in the face of God and then seem baffled when he allows something bad to happen to us? We must stop calling what God chooses to do, --evil. Hurricane Katrina was absolutely just and right. But you will say,"What about the good people who suffered?" There is none righteous, no not one! (Romans 3:10); Christians too, who suffer (though they have much in which they can have joy and hope and the suffering of this world is not to be compared with the glory which is to come), still must say it was well deserved. Ever since the fall, we as humans have been questioning the goodness of God. This kind of questioning is sinful and should be seen in that light and denounced.

I have to agree with Johnathan that we are a sinful lot, and to think that the God of all glory would show mercy on any of us is so amazing. I think perhaps instead of asking, why does God allow bad things to happen to us, we should be saying: I hope God doesn't give us what we deserve! And be so thankful for all the mercy he shows us.

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