Sunday, January 01, 2006

Here's what we are doing today. A few months ago, we had to jack hammer out the concrete in a few places around the house in order for the foundation man to put steel beams under the house to shore it up because of the foundation crack. Today we are putting the concrete back for the sidewalks. Corbin is here. He spent the night last night. We got up this morning, listened to a good sermon by Henry Mahan, had a good lunch (with black-eyed peas, of course) and Bo went to work on the concrete, with a couple of helpers. This morning before anybody else even got up, Bo built a firewood holder for the back patio. He is so industrious lately. I like it!



Lodykaja said...

You are sure good at this blogging business. Thank you for sharing with me.
Your older sister!

Anonymous said...

Man, you all sure have been hard at work. I think the house is looking great. I had such a good time with you all last week and really appreciate the gift that you and dad gave to us.
Love ya

Jocelyne said...

It's nice seeing the progress you are making on the house! Especially now since I feel like I had a hand in it! I miss you guys already and hope you come visit soon!

Shane said...

Thanks for sharing Carol! I love seeing pictures of your family!