Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Afternoon With Stew

I went to Amarillo yesterday. First I had a dentist appointment at 8:00, of which I was late for because I overslept. I very seldom ever oversleep. I don't know what got into me! I needed to be up at 5:30 in order to leave at 6:30 for Amarillo, and I woke up at about 5:55. I hate being late for an appointment and was very embarrassed and apologetic when I got there. Dr. Ritchie was very nice and understanding, even though I was his first appointment for the day, and he was having to wait for me. Ugh.

After my dentist appointment, which went very well, by the way, I went on to work and was there until midafternoon. Then I made my way over to Coldwell-Banker where I had a 3:30 appointment with Stew, the Amarillo real estate guy. First he spent 45 minutes with me in the office explaining procedure and showing me some descriptions of properties. He was very much a talker, so it seemed to take 2 or 3 times as long as I think it should have. But, he was a very nice man. Finally we got in his car to go and look at some houses. We looked at 6 places, I think and each one seemed to take much longer than need be. I can usually do a quick walk-thru and tell if I'm interested or not. If I am interested, then I want to spend some time, but if not, I'm ready to get out of there. Only one house interested me at all, and that one only slightly. I am really amazed at how some people leave their house to be shown, --and the prices! I would say three of the houses smelled really bad and were very cluttered and messy. Why would you leave your house like that when you're trying to sell it?? A mystery to me. And I couldn't believe the prices for those cluttered, messy houses! Ridiculous for what you would get. All along the way, Stew and I talked about various things. He was a 65 yr old catholic from Baltimore, MD, who takes piano lessons with his grand daughters and rides a Harley. LOL. As we were talking about updating houses, he told me he and his wife had lived in their house for 30 years and had been updating it the last couple of years. Then he said we were only a little ways from his house and he would like to show it to me (not to sell, mind you, just to show me his remodeling). I thought it was a little odd, but said OK. He called his wife and told her we were coming. When we pulled up to his house, I could see that it was a very nice house. We went inside and I met his wife, Mary Lou, who was also a very nice person. We toured his whole house and I must say it was beautiful. I ended up staying there for about 45 minutes just visiting with Stew and Mary Lou. They kept telling me I looked so much like a friend of theirs, Nancy Coons, who oddly enough, I knew! Her husband used to work for the same company as Bo. I don't see the resemblance at all, but anyway..... they informed me that Nancy & her husband, Lyle were getting divorced. Mmmmm. Interesting. --Anyway, I finally told Stew I needed to get back to my car so I could go get something to eat and start heading back to Dalhart. I got back to my car at 6:45 pm, went to Taco Villa for a burrito (not one bit healthy, but oh well) and got home about 8:30. I didn't even get to make my weekly trip to Walmart because it was so late! It was an interesting afternoon, and I guess somewhat profitable in that it gave me some more insight and something to compare with. And --old Stew was quite a character!

I did get to listen to my book, 'Memoirs of A Geisha' to and from Amarillo and am enjoying it very much.

This morning I drained and cleaned my fish aquarium. I'm really tired of messing with it and asked a friend if she would like to have it. She said yes and came to get it a little while ago. I'm glad to see it go.

Guess I'll get ready and go to the grocery store since I didn't make it to Walmart yesterday.

Have a great day!


Lodykaja said...

Does he really spell his name like that? Stew :)

Carol said...

Yes, he does.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Well we had a cousin named Stew... Albert Stewart Glass ,but we called him Bubba...LOL that seems like a lifetime ago. I think he died! Sad that I dont really know.
House shopping can be fun, but you gotta be in the mood. Have a great day!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

I think bubbas name was Stuart.