Thursday, February 02, 2006

Goodbye My Friend

Bo & I took the motorcycle to Amarillo this morning to meet the guy who bought it. He and his wife drove up to get it. The transaction went fine and my friend, Val is gone now. I don't really feel sad about it. I would even say I feel kind of relieved. And there's more room in the garage now! But I do have some great memories of Bo & I's adventures on our motorcycles. A few years ago we took them to Yellowstone National Park and Mt Rushmore. That was a great trip! And I've had many good afternoons just riding it around here. As I said before, it is the end of an era in my life. --Time to move on, I guess.

Dyke stopped by the other day and said he just wanted to encourage me about selling the house. He said he drove some people by last weekend, and they really liked the house. They didn't look at it because I wasn't home and they didn't have their wives with them anyway. But, the wives will be here in a couple of weeks and they will want to look at it. Dyke said, 'Your house is going to sell real soon.' Of course, that could just be a salesman talking. I know one thing, it's not going to sell if he doesn't start showing it! LOL.

Bo's Uncle Johnny is in the hospital in Amarillo, so we stopped by to see him this morning and he seems to be doing pretty good. He had a small stroke. He will probably be going to a nursing home though when he gets out of rehab, which is where he is going after his hospital stay. He had a pretty bad stroke several years ago and was already disabled. Now he may not be able to care for himself anymore. Sad, but he seems to be taking it well.

After we left the hospital we went to eat at Ruby Tequila's. It was very good. Then Bo brought me back to Dalhart, and he went on to Gruver.

Happy Groundhog Day!

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