Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Silly Lilly

Lilly carried this plastic Pepsi bottle in her mouth around the house for quite a while. It is almost as big as she is. She's a goofy little dog.

Then she and Bo found a turtle in the back yard.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where's the Beef?

My man sure can bring home the bacon, er....... the beef!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My favorite grandson in the whole world.

Grana loves you so!

Albuquerque Pictures

From the top of Sandia Peak. (I rode a cable car up to the top)

At the bottom of Sandia Peak

Out our hotel window on the 8th floor

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last weekend we went to Albuquerque and had a great time. Bo attended meetings all day one day and played golf another day & I just piddled around town. Our lovely hotel supplied internet, ....but for a price, which I didn't want to pay, so I went to a little cafe, drank coffee and surfed for a little while on Saturday. While I was there, this very odd looking contraction came riding up to the front window. A little old man got off it and came in to eat breakfast. I went out and got my camera to take a picture.

Have you ever seen such? That thing has four birds and a little dog on it. The birds and the dog (a very dirty little yorkie) just waited outside while the man was inside.

I thought it was pretty funny.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Quick Trip

Bo & I made a quick trip to Wichita Falls this weekend. We went down on Friday and came back on Saturday. We went to meet with some fellow believers there and we just had a great time. A pastor that we listen to in Kentucky told us about this group and Bo had stopped in to meet them several months ago as he was traveling thru. I just met them this weekend. They were such gracious and friendly folks. They meet each week in one of the family's homes. There was a visiting pastor there this weekend from Arkansas. We heard a wonderful message about the sovereignty of God, had two great meals, and lots of fellowship.

We don't go to a "church," so it is nice to get to fellowship with other believers when we can.

We went by the falls and took a picture:

Then, on the way home we picked up a couple of hitchhikers

---Not really hitchhikers. It's Ashlee & Taelor, Bo's great-nieces. We gave them a ride up to the Panhandle. They are staying with their Aunt Carla for a couple of weeks.