Monday, July 31, 2006

I had a dream last night about Adam and haven't been able to stop thinking about it today. I dream of him every so often and I'm so glad I do because I usually wake up feeling like I've had a visit with him. Usually in my dreams though, he is sick or I know he is going to die and won't be around for long, so I just want to hug and kiss him over and over. Last night I dreamed he was in some kind of institution and had been there for a long time. I went to visit him. I was feeling very bad for leaving him there for so long. (I think that long time represented the time that he has been gone from the earth). When I saw him, he was just laying in bed and was incoherent and I remember thinking his health was deteriorating and how could I have left him there for so long. I picked him up and hugged him for a long time. He was very soft and it felt so good to hug him, but I knew he was going to die soon. I decided to take him home with me to live and I still couldn't figure out why I had left him there, and I felt so awful for having done that. I loved him and missed him so. Why did I leave him in an institution? Why did I waste precious time of being with him that way? I just sat and held him at home. He felt so good and so sweet and he was so soft. But it was bittersweet because of my sorrow for wasting time and also that he was going to die. It seemed like the dream just went on and on that way and finally I woke up.

I really miss Adam today. Sure wish I could talk to him. It would be SO wonderful if I could.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I had lunch yesterday with an old friend that I havent seen in a while. She only lives about 1.5 hours away, but that's only since we've moved to Amarillo. It used to be 2.5 or so hours away. Funny how we get so busy with our lives and loose touch with people we love and care about. I have known my friend, Amy for about 13 years. I met her while working at TCFA before Bo & I married, and just after Adam died. I think that God put her in my life at that time because I needed just such a friend. She listened to me talk about Adam for many hours and was always there for me as a true friend. I was at such a weird point in my life, really so lost and just searching for something, anything to relieve my pain and give me fullfillment. Unfortunately, I was looking in all the wrong places, but you know, we all do dumb things in our lives. I think that Amy was somewhat of an anchor for me during that time. Funny, she is 15 years younger than me, but when I look back, she seemed to be the older, wiser one. ---Anyway, I enjoyed our lunch and was so glad to see her again.

Monday, July 24, 2006

We had a nice weekend. Bo & I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Red River, NM on the motorcycle. Mason went to his Aunt Lana's on Saturday morning and will be there until Wednesday, so Bo suggested we ride up to Red River and spend the night. We left Saturday morning about 9:30, dropped Mason off in Channing (I drove the truck to Channing with Mason while Bo followed on the motorcycle), we left the truck at Lana's and took off for Red River. The weather was very nice on the way up with a temperature in the mid 80's. I did get sunburned though. When we got to Cimarron, NM, it started to sprinkle a little bit and sprinkled on us all the way thru the mountains to Red River. Thankfully we had rain gear so it wasnt bad and really didnt rain that hard. It was cloudy in Red River, but had pretty much stopped raining. There were alot of people there for some reason, which we never really figured out. Most of the hotels had 'no vacancy' signs on, so we stopped at the first one that said 'vacancy.' It was Lifts West, which used to be pretty nice, but we got a very crummy room this time, very small and just not nice at all, with no amenities, just one little bar of soap. Bo was sleepy from the drive so he decided to take a nap, while I set out to mill around town. I came back to the hotel in an hour or so and we went to eat at a good Mexican restaurant there. Afterwards we walked around some more, then stopped by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some dessert. It was very good. I had my favorite, Haystacks which I love and don't allow myself to indulge in very often. We sat out on a bench and enjoyed our chocolate along with a beautiful view. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and sat out on our balcony for a while, reading. Well, actually I was listening to my book while Bo read. I am listening to a book called 'The Life of Pi.' It's very interesting, but I must say sometimes a little too descriptive for my taste about really gross things, like dismembering and eating and drinking the blood of a turtle. Ugh. The book is about a 16 year old boy who is stranded at sea on a lifeboat for 227 days with a Bengal tiger. Yes, just him and a Bengal tiger on a life boat! It really is a good book though and I'm enjoying it alot. Anyway.... after a while of reading (and listening) we went in and went to bed. I was tired after the long drive, but I didn't sleep very well. The next morning we got up around 6:00, Bo went for a run, while I got ready for the day, then we both went for some coffee and a long walk around town. It was pretty chilly at first (probably in the 40's), but warmed up after a bit. We had some breakfast and got ready for the drive home. We had to bundle up pretty good because it can get pretty chilly on a motorcycle if the temperature is low, and it was until we got thru the mountains. Once we got past the mountains though, it warmed up pretty fast. We pulled over and started shedding clothes. I had to keep my jacket on though because of my sunburn from the previous day. I didn't want it to get any worse, and I'm glad I kept the jacket on now, because the sunburn has been pretty uncomfortable. The temperature got into the mid 90's on the way home and whew, we were cooking by the time we got to Channing. I got to change vehicles then and ride the rest of the way home in the air conditioned truck, while poor Bo had to ride in the heat for 50-60 more miles. He survived though and we got home around 5:00. We just vegged out and relaxed the rest of the night.

So that was our weekend and boy, did I get longwinded! Hope you didn't get too bored reading.

Friday, July 14, 2006

We had a lovely time at our cookout at the park last night. Everyone was there except Jenny. She was at the hospital with her mom. We cooked hamburgers and Bo & Cody played catch and then Cody & Mason played tennis for a while. The rest of us just sat around and visited. It was a little warm at first, but got cooler as the evening went on. We enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Well, Jocelyne made it in last night after a long day of driving from Tempe, AZ. We were so glad to see her. It's been 6 months! Her & Bo went to Gruver today to visit the family over there. Corbin came over this morning because Jenny's mother is having surgery today and he will be spending the night tonight. Mason is going to a homeschool basketball camp this week for 2 hours a day. I worked yesterday instead of today so I could keep Corbin.

Whitney is coming to see us (mostly Jocelyne) tomorrow night and I think maybe we will cook hamburgers in the park with Cody, Jenny & Corbin too, if everyone wants to. That should be fun, if we don't get rained out, like we did last time. A few weeks ago, Cody, Jenny, Corbin, Mason, Bo & I were going to eat in the park. We got all the stuff over there and all of a sudden a big wind came up and it started pouring, so we had to gather everything up and head home and eat.

It sure is hot in Amarillo today!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We had a great 4th of July yesterday. Bo & I went for a really nice bicycle ride around the city. Twenty miles of city! Bo had gotten a new camera that morning for work, so we took it with us and snapped some pictures along the way. Here's Bo on the corner of Kentucky & 6th Street. 6th street is part of Route 66, and in Amarillo, has lots of antique shops.

Here's another shot of Bo visiting with some friendly gentlemen in downtown Amarillo.

There are lots of horse statues around town, so we took some pictures of those. Here's me with an interesting one.

It was a fun afternoon and I enjoyed the (ahem) 'heck' out of it. (excuse my language, please). --I wouldn't want to offend anyone with sensitive ears (or should I say --eyes). LOL

When we got home, Cody, Jenny & Corbin came over to watch fireworks with us. The fireworks' show was in the park right next door to us so it was very convenient. We just sat out in our rock yard. Well actually, we started out there, but had to move down the street because we couldn't see very well over the houses across the street. But once we got situated, we enjoyed it very much. It was a very pretty show. One of our neighbors had a little cassette tape player playing a tape of patriotic songs. And while we were sitting there listening to Lee Greenwood, a car went past with a guy hanging out the window shouting 'God bless America!'

LOL --Hometown America.

How was your 4th of July?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Monday morning and it's a beautiful day here. I went for a walk in the park this morning while it was still cool, and that was nice. I really wanted to go for a bicycle ride, but it was a little too windy. I like to ride in 10 mph of wind or less. Over 10 mph and I just don't enjoy it that much. I do want the benefit of the exercise of riding a bike, but I like to really enjoy the scenery and the experience too. This morning the winds are at 15 mph. Saturday morning I rode 20 miles and last night I rode 13 miles. It was great. I am listening to a James Patterson book and it's pretty good. Has a little bit too much foul language in it for my taste, but I'm trying to ignore that. And I probably won't read another one of his books because of it. It's hard to find a good, clean book these days. For some reason, authors seem to think foul language adds to the book, I guess, maybe makes it seem more real life or something. I don't know, but I just hate it. It's offensive to me. I wonder, why do people feel the need to use bad language anyway? What's the point? Maybe it's just a habit they picked up when they were young and thought it was cool??? Maybe they still think it's cool. I don't know... I guess if they like it, it's their business. It's just words afterall. --How the heck did I get on that subject anyway?...... Guess I'll go now.