Friday, January 27, 2006

Well, it's been a pretty quiet week. Bo had planned to take Corbin & Mason skiing just for the day tomorrow (Saturday), but he called a little while ago and cancelled. He said something had come up at work and he just couldn't get away. So he won't be coming home tonight. He will be working again tomorrow and maybe Sunday too. He is a busy man! Mason & I are going to Amarillo tonight. We will go by Cody & Jenny's and get Corbin, go eat, and then go to see Nanny McPhee at the movies. At least that's what Corbin & I will be seeing. Mason may decide to see something else. We'll see. Then Corbin will come home with us for the weekend.

Mason & I went to Homeschool playgroup today. There's a boy there named Jediah, He's the same age as Mason. A few weeks ago, he told his mother he couldn't see out of one eye, so they took him to the Dr and started running tests. Come to find out, he has a brain tumor! He is scheduled for surgery on Monday morning. They should know by sometime Tuesday if it's malignant. Oh my gosh! My heart goes out to Jediah and his family. Please pray for them, and --may God's will be done.

Well, I guess that's it. We'll be heading out for Amarillo soon. Have a great weekend!


FreeThinker said...

Would not science and compassion be better for Jediah than "prayer?"

carol said...

I think science and compassion would be good for Jediah, yes, butI really do not know what would be 'better' for Jediah. Do you or does anybody really know what is better for anyone? And 'better' based on what? Our perception of what is better or good? Only God knows what is better or good for anyone, and it certainly may not fit into our description of better. I pray the Lord's will be done. He knows what is best.

And why not science, compassion AND prayer?