Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last night we went out to eat at the The Big Texan for Cody's birthday. It's a fun place to go, but sort of expensive, I thought. The food is good, but not as good as the price says it should be. But then, I guess you're paying for the atmosphere as much as the food, and it's a pretty fun place. Cody and Mason had a hot pepper eating contest. It was fun to watch them both skirm in their seats a little. After eating we went to the shooting gallery.

The boys shot at targets

while the girls watched with their doggie bags.

Corbin tried out a really big chair.

It was fun. Wish Jocelyne could have been there with us.

Hey, I thought I was finished with this post, but had to share a funny thing that just happened to me. The phone just rang. Bo was near the phone, but he was on his cell phone, so I jumped up and ran into the kitchen to answer the house phone. I was in my sock feet and when I tried to stop to answer, my feet just kept sliding on these new hardwood floors. Boom! I hit the floor, fell all the way back and bumped my head on the floor. Ouch. I'm OK though. Now it's funny. Bo told the guy he was talking to, 'Hey, my wife just crashed and burned, I better go. Bye.'

I didn't get to answer, the answering machine picked up. It was Mason's grandmother. Guess I better call her back.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Cody

Today is my boy's birthday. He is 28 years old! Holy Cow. Did I ever really think I would have a 28 year old son? Yes, I did, but it was always way out there in the distant future. --Well, not anymore. The distant future is here.

What a wonderful blessing Cody has been to me for the last 28 years, (except for ages 15 & 16), LOL.

He was the most wonderful and sweet little boy, and now has grown into a man that I am very proud of.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Corbin, the Weatherman

Well, he did it!
We got up this morning at 5:00, got ready and headed to the TV station. Corbin said he hardly slept all night, thinking about his debut as a weatherman. When we got there Matt Hines, the Meteorologist took Corbin aside and gave him his instructions.

Bo, Mason & I sat on the side and watched.

Then it was showtime! And Corbin did a great job.

Here's a link to Corbin's video. Go down the page a little ways and you should see it.

Afterwards we got a picture of Corbin & Mason with Matt Hines & Christina Medina.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fun times

I pick Corbin up from school two days a week and we just have a great time while he is here. A few weeks ago, on one of those afternoons, he drew a picture and colored it for a contest for 6-11 year olds at a local TV station. Every Friday morning at 6:45, a drawing winner gets to help the weatherman do the weather on TV. Corbin drew a really nice picture and put it in an envelope and we mailed it to the TV station. I really didn't think we would hear from them, but it was fun to do anyway. Well....... yesterday the TV station called and wanted Corbin to come help do the weather this Friday morning! Yea! We're so excited. Jenny is letting me take him to the TV station since I sent in his picture. (Isn't that sweet of her?) She and Cody are going to stay home and watch him on TV. I know he'll do a great job as a weatherman. ---And he gets a Kidcast Tshirt and McDonalds Happy Meal Giftcard. LOL. Big whoop on the Happy Meal Giftcard, but anyway..

The TV station will put a video of it on their website, so I will put a link to it on my blog on Friday. Hopefully this will be something Corbin will remember for a long time, (and me too). This is so fun!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Step Back in Time (Sort of)

I am in Tyler visiting my family and enjoying it very much. We all had lunch together yesterday at sister Mary & John's house. John grilled hamburgers and it was good, --the food and the fellowship. Yesterday afternoon, Mary & I went to Edom to shop and visited the Blue Moon Gardens. It is such a cool place (if you like plants). Remember I talked about visiting there once before.

Monday night three old friends & I got together and ate and visited for a while. I went to school with two of these girls, Ginger & Regina, from 1st grade all the way thru high school, and with the third, Irma all thru high school. I saw Ginger 12 years ago, but it has been probably 20 years since I've seen Regina & Irma.

Oh my gosh, we had a great time! We laughed and laughed and reminisced and laughed some more. How we've all changed, (not so much in looks of course, HAHA), but in life philosophies. I was surprised at some of what I heard. It was fun though and felt almost like a 'returning to my roots' for a little while. I felt carefree and like I could just be my old self for a little while. Ahh, the carefree days of our youth. ---I wouldn't want to go back and do that again! LOL. Unless I could know all that I know now and all I've learned since..... but then it wouldn't be carefree...... I sure wish I could go back and correct some of my stupid mistakes though, mostly the ones that so affected my children..... But alas, that is not to be.

Anyway.... last night Mary, John & I had some watermelon, went for a long walk, then watched a movie called Big Fish. A very cute movie that I would recommend if you're looking for a light hearted funny movie to watch.

We are leaving for Dallas in a couple of hours to go to the airport and I will be heading back to Amarillo. It's always good to get away for a while and always good to get back home.