Saturday, January 14, 2006

House For Sale

Dyke, the real estate man (and Cody's father-in-law) called yesterday and wanted to bring someone by this morning to look at the house. So I got to straightening up, putting things in drawers (I hope I can find things again), lit some candles, turned on lamps and ceiling fans (on very low, of course), and Mason & I went for a walk while they came. Afterwards Dyke called and said he had brought 4 couples by. Wow! FOUR?! These are dairy people who will be moving here from California and are in town looking around. He said the house showed very well (what does that mean?), and that one couple showed some interest, but they have to sell some land in California first so arent really ready to buy just yet. Well, heck. He'll call again when he has someone else to bring by.

Bo is in Gruver today working. He has been very busy with some extra stuff lately so he felt he needed to work today to catch up some. He'll be home tonight. I was thinking maybe we could go to Amarillo tomorrow and look at open houses that are for sale. It's just hard to know what to do about buying another house. This house could sale next week or it could be 6 months. Who knows. Hopefully, it WILL sell!

That's about it for me today. TTYL!

P.S. Scroll down and you will see I added a weather bar & a Hangman Game to the Blog, just in case you get bored with my ramblings.

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Lodykaja said...

You are quite the computer geek. It sure looks green for where you are in Texas????