Thursday, January 05, 2006

I went to Amarillo yesterday and worked all day, then went to Walmart for groceries, the mall to return a shirt for Mason, Office Max for office supplies and then home to Dalhart. It was a long day, but an enjoyable one. As I walked thru the mall watching all the people, I was thinking about all the fads and trends of the day, and how I've watched them come and go and change thru the years. It's funny, really. Some new fad will come along, and everyone thinks its great, then in a few years, it will be outdated and obsolete, and something else will be great. Then a few more years and the outdated, obsolete thing is back 'in.' It does seem though that each new (old) 'thing' gets a little more risque as we go along. Just who determines what is 'in vogue' and what does it really matter in the whole scheme of things? It's all so relative anyway.

I used to think the younger generation was much smarter than the older generation, but the older I get, the more I see how that is not true at all. Older folks have alot of wisdom. They have been on this earth many years and have seen lots of things. We can learn alot from them. (Notice, I don't put myself in the 'older generation' catagory just yet).

Just some thoughts!

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