Friday, December 30, 2005

Gosh, it's a nice day today! So warm and sunshiney. I should go for a walk. Maybe I will. I went to Stratford to get my haircut today. I got it cut a couple of inches shorter. I think I like it. We'll see. I worked in Amarillo yesterday from noon to 5:00. Mason went with me and went to see King Kong at the movie, then hung out at the mall until I got off work. He said a couple of girls came up to him and asked for his phone number. He said he told them 'I don't live in Amarillo, and besides I don't even know you.' (I hope he really said that. LOL) Sheesh! Youngs girls are so bold these days. Bo is flying today and will fly home tonight and then back to Gruver tomorrow morning. He is excited about that. He loves flying.

Guess I'll go run a few errands now!


Bo said...

I did enjoy flying, learned some new stuff and it went well. Mason is going with me this morn. to Gruver. I like your new haricut.

Jocelyne said...

Way to go Mason!!! Woo hoo - ask him if they were french girls?!