Friday, March 02, 2007

Bo's dad, Corky went home from the hospital today after having a port-a-cath put in, so that he can take his chemotherapy without having to get a new IV each time. He will start chemotherapy next Wednesday. They have decided to give him chemotherapy only and not radiation since the cancer is so advanced, and they don't think they can cure it anyway, just hopefully prolong his life some. We will have to wait a couple of months to see if he is responding to the treatment.

I did laundry, went to the grocery store, and made up next week's school lesson plans this morning, and then went to work this afternoon. As I was coming home from work, and sitting at a red light, the car in front of me had a man and a boy who looked to be around 10 or 11 in it. All of a sudden the boy started hitting and yelling at the man, and the man started punching back and yelling back at the boy. You could tell they were both very angry. Then the light changed and they drove off. Strange and very sad.


Linda said...

Carol, thanks for stopping by! You've got me really interested in your walk with Christ, sense you say it's different from the norm. The car scene you described would make a great short story--what motivated that altercation?

Carol said...

I don't know what motivated it. It was very strange. I hope the boy isn't being abused, but it looks like maybe he was.

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