Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A New Look

I got a new bedspread yesterday (from Walmart, no less). But I like it. First here's the old one I've had for 13 years. I'd say it was time for a change.

And here's the new one:

A little more sleek, I think. Sleek? Is that the right word? Yes, to me, it is. Now I don't know if sleek goes with the antique-look in the room, but oh well.

You know, the "experts" say your bedroom should be your safe haven, your refuge from the hectic world, your oasis, your special place, your ......, well you get the idea.


Lodykaja said...

I really like the new bedspread. To me it looks like it goes very well with your furniture. It has a very comfortable appearance.

Carol said...