Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birthday Week

Mason & I had a birthday this week. Mine on Wednesday and Mason today. Since Bo & Mason were leaving town on Tuesday, we had cake and ice cream on Monday night with Cody, Jenny, Corbin & Whitney.

Notice my candles say 29. Thanks Bo.

Here are Mason & I blowing out the candles on our cake.

Corbin gave me a little bookmark to use in my bible. He picked it out himself and gave it to me proudly. It was so sweet. The bookmark said 'Grandma.' I said 'Grandma?!' He said, 'sorry they didn't have one that said Grana.' LOL

Yesterday in Washington DC, Bo & Mason went to hear President Bush give a speech to the National Cattlemen's Association. Afterward, they got to shake his hand and Mason got his autograph! Isn't that exciting? --Mason thought so.

I'm enjoying my time at home by myself. They will be home Sunday night and it's back to the old school grindstone on Monday with three weeks and counting left before we're through. Yea!

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