Monday, March 12, 2007

I planted some seeds last week in these little expandable sod things and this week I've got some sprouts. Aren't they cute?

I was at Walmart this afternoon and I put a six pack of Diet Coke in my basket. When I got to the register and lifted them up to put on the belt for the checker, I noticed one of the bottles was only about 1/4 the way filled. Oh man, I was going to have to hold up the line and run all the way to the back of the store to get another six pack. Then a man behind me in line spoke up and said, "I'll run get one for you." And off he went.

I thought that was just so kind of him and I really appreciated it. What a nice man.


Lodykaja said...

They are very cute but what are they????

Carol said...

They are Lobelia, little purple flowers.

Jocelyne said...

It looks like meatballs - maybe with some basil on top - mmmmmmmmm