Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bo's dad, Corky was diagnosed with Metastatic Lung Cancer today in stage 3.5 to 4. A very serious and grave diagnosis for him. I know he must be feeling very scared and upset tonight. He will begin a treatment of chemotherapy and radiation soon.

I know that Paula, Bo's mom, Bo and his siblings are feeling very sad and worried tonight. I hope they find comfort and rest in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is in control of all that happens and he knows best. But still, the trials we face in this life are sometimes very hard to deal with. The people we love in this world are very precious to us.

Our time on earth during this life is just a short stopping place on our way to heaven, if we know the Lord Jesus, if he is our substitute, our advocate, if he died for us on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. We can rest, assured, if we know him.

May the Lord's will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

Wow, Bo looks like his daddy, or at least they have the same smile and haircolor. I will pray for Gods will and we know it will be done.I looked for scripture...I dont have words. Tell Bo and the kids and his family we're praying for them.
Col 2:2 That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ;
Love Gendy

Carol said...

Thanks Hon. And yes, Bo looks alot like his dad.