Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Waiting Game

Well, I didn't want to say anything until we knew something definite, but --- we made an offer on a house yesterday morning. But it's now 4:00 and we still havent heard anything, so I'm beginning to wonder what's going on? It was the house that Bo posted about, his associate/friend's house. It's a smaller house (1800 sq ft) compared to our now 2800 sq ft house, but I think it will be fine since it's only Bo, Mason & I now, and Mason for only about 3 more years or so. It needs some updating, but I think we would enjoy doing that to our liking. There was a bit of a problem though. A friend of the owner had said that she wanted the house before we ever looked at it. They didn't think she was serious, but wanted to check with her first. We're assuming they are checking/waiting on her decision. Another problem is that the owners are just starting to build a house and it won't be ready for 6 months or so. They really don't want to move until their new house is ready, so we might have to rent for a few months until that time. Why not just find another house, you might ask. Well, we think this house is really a good deal and we like it. It was custom built by the now-owners 16 years ago and they have never had any kids, so it is in really good shape, and has lots of nice features. It even has a nice tree in the back yard. I also really like the location, very centrally located. AND I'm so tired of looking at houses!! I've probably looked at 50-60 houses and have liked 2-3 of them in the price range we're trying to stay in. And as I mentioned in a previous blog, we had about decided to just rent for a while anyway.

OK... so that's what's going on. I'll keep ya posted! Thanks for asking!


bosephus said...

Nice report. I dont think I could have done any better myownself.

Jocelyne said...

I am excited to hear the progress!