Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm having trouble going to sleep tonight, so I thought I'd just get up and blog a bit. I know.... it's only 11:00 pm, but I usually go to bed around 10:00 every night. Bo & I went to Amarillo today house-hunting, but we just didnt find anything that we want. Maybe I'm just too picky, I don't know. The prices and the property taxes are just so high! And I like the neighborhoods with the older houses, but don't particularly like the older houses. I like the newer houses, but don't like the newer neighborhoods. Well, redo an older house, you might say. And yes, that's a possiblity, but so far I haven't really found an older house with a layout that I like. They are just so chopped up with so many rooms. I like a very open layout. It's just such a big decision to make, and seems so permanant. I know it's not really permanant, but you know what I mean.... it's not easily reversed. Now we're even talking that we might just rent for a while.

It has been so cold here the last three days, but it's supposed to warm up tomorrow. Today the wind was really blowing and with the lower temperatures, it was pretty miserable to be out in it. After going to about 15 open houses, we went to eat at Ruby Tequila's Mexican Restaurant. It was pretty good and I only ate about half of my meal to save the room and calories for a capuccino on the way home. It wasn't a real capuccino, just one of those fake ones from Toot n Totem that have about a zillion calories. But I love those things and let myself splurge on one every so often. Bo got one of those strong coffees from Starbuck's.

I was in the mood for a change yesterday so I moved all my breakfast area furniture out and moved the den furniture in there. LOL. I know, sounds very silly, but I figured why the heck not, we'll only be here a few more weeks and nobody ever sits at the table in there (except for Jocelyne, when she's here and on her computer). This way Bo or Mason can sit in there and keep me company while I'm in the kitchen. I kinda like it this way.

Well, guess I'll go try to fall asleep again! Good night.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the change in the kitchen. That would have been good at Christmas! I know that ya'll will find something soon! Good luck house hunting.