Thursday, February 09, 2006

The weather forecast says 65 degrees today. Great! I love this beautiful weather we are having.

I worked in Amarillo yesterday and enjoyed the day. There's a girl named Toni that works with me who is very nice. I enjoyed visiting with her some, along with getting alot done at work.

I got a call about 3:00 or so yesterday afternoon and it was Cody. He had dropped a large concrete block on his finger at work and was at the Emergency room in Hereford. He had broken his finger. The middle finger on his right hand. He said it was very painful! He was out on the job all by himself, so he had to drive around looking for the hospital, finally stopping to ask for directions, and go in and get treated (with no one there to help him). LOL. I know he is 26 years old, but it was so hard for me to just stay at work and wait to hear how he was. I wanted to jump in the car and drive to Hereford to be with him. --But I didn't, and in a little while he called to say he was Ok and on his way home. After work I went to he & Jenny's house and visited with them for a while. He was doing better by then and the pain had subsided a good bit. He's got a splint on his finger that holds it straight out. Looks kinda funny since it is his middle finger! LOL. He is left handed so thankfully it won't effect his daily habitudes too much, although he said that at work, they were going to be laying some new gas lines next week, which meant he would be getting some good overtime, and now he doesn't think he'll be able to. He was kind of bummed out about that.

Before I left to come home, Corbin read some to me. I can't believe he can read so well and is only in kindergarten. He's such a smart little guy! Afterward Corbin & I went to get some ice cream, then I headed back to Dalhart, getting about home about 8:30. I gave Mason 2 quizzes and a Chemistry test, read some and went to bed.


Lodykaja said...

I didn't realize Cody was left handed! So does that means that me, Christopher and Cody are the only lefties?

Glenda, saved by grace said...

And Buster... Poor Cody, poor Carol, I know just how you felt, you wanted to go hold him and kiss his finger and tell him it would be ok. Thats what I want to do with Chad, I know its not the same thing but I just want to go take him in my arms and tell him, NOW behave, your staying right here with me so you dont get in trouble any more... I was at Matts house, where when we put the concrete in the driveway we let all the boys write their names in the concrete. I saw Christopher,16, Matt 12-1/2, Michael, 10,Whitney 5months, and there in 2nd grade large writting CHAD, 8. I got kinda sick in the pit of my stomach, and asked Rudy what could I have done different? If I had only known. What would I or could I have done differently. I dont know, I am so sad!!!
Tell Codiddle I hope his finger feels better, and Aunt Gendy sends kisses.

Carol said...

I will tell Cody.

I'm so sorry about what you're going thru with Chad. I know it must be so very hard and heartbreaking. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya.