Monday, February 06, 2006

Then & Now



My, how we've all changed in 38 or so years! I'm just guessing. I look around 12 yrs old in the first picture, but not sure exactly how long ago it was. I vaguely remember this trip to El Charro's Restaurant with my family. I really just remember seeing this picture all these years, more than the actual trip. I bet Mary Ellen remembers, but Gendy & Buster may not. It was one of the few times we all went out to eat together, especially in a nice restaurant. Nowadays a place like that wouldn't be considered a nice restaurant, but I think it was then, and this particular restaurant is still a nice restaurant today (much updating). We went there for a company party or something with the company my daddy worked for. I think we were all very excited to get to go, and very proud of our daddy for having the 'connections' to get us there. LOL. Funny. --The second picture was taken at Thanksgiving last year. Quite a goodlooking bunch, I'd say!

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Glenda, saved by grace said...

Well if I say so myself the little red head in the first pic and the middle aged fat short red head in the second pic seems to be the most attractive...