Friday, February 24, 2006

Mason is finished with 10th grade. He took finals this week and did OK. He made B's on Math & History exams, an A on his Bible exam, and D's on Chemistry & English exams. I'm not thrilled with Chemistry & English, but would expect that with what I found out last weekend, and am really happy with the rest. This has been such a tough week for me. I have struggled with all this so much. I have felt so many emotions about it and have just been so upset and worried about Mason through it all. There's a old saying that goes like this: 'You're only as sick as your secrets.' --Now Mason has no more dirty little secrets, just a clean slate and a clear conscience. He can move on and I know he will be fine. More than anything, I want the best for him. He really is such a fine boy, and I love him very much. ---Sometimes being a parent is hard.

Thanks Mary Helen for being there for me!

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