Thursday, March 02, 2006

Still waiting. Bo talked to the house owner yesterday, and he said he should have an answer next week. The friend of theirs and her husband are discussing whether or not they want the house. Either way, I think we are just going to rent a house for a few months. Moving twice will not be fun, but oh well.

I worked in Amarillo yesterday and had alot to do. It seems with working only one day a week, the work kind of piles up and it's hard to get it all done in one day, but I think I got it done. After work, I made my weekly trip to Walmart. Their groceries are just so much cheaper than our local United, but I don't usually get to buy cold or frozen items because I have to drive 1.5 hrs back to Dalhart. --Just a few more weeks and I'll be just a few minutes from Walmart! That'll be nice and there will be lots of other nice conveniences too. But I know I will miss Dalhart, and even the drives back and forth to Amarillo. Although I get tired of the drive sometimes, I do enjoy it sometimes too.

Yesterday I finished up my latest audiobook on the drive. It was 'Snowflower and the Secret Fan.' It was an OK book, but not one of my favorites. It was about two old friends in China.
I learned alot about old customs in China and that was interesting. One of the old customs was footbinding of young girls. Ugh. That must have been awful and so painful! The ideal foot was only 3 inches long. Can you imagine? Here's an article about it if you're interested ...or just bored. (How do ya like that picture, Jocelyne?)

Now I've got to figure out what book to listen to next. I'm thinking about 'The Secret Life of Bees' Anybody read it? Any other suggestions?

Ya'll have a great day!


Jocelyne said...

That is DISGUSTING! I'm thinking about boycotting your blog if you are going to continue to post pictures like that.

I have read "Bees" - It has some religious views I don't think you'll agree with - I liked it and would like to read the other book the author wrote.

Anonymous said...
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