Friday, February 02, 2007

We got our natural gas bill last week and I about fell out of my chair. $31! --- $31? What??

Since we are in this smaller place, I have been turning the heat up MORE than I did in our bigger house, thinking it would be OK. But I was expecting $125 - $150 or so. We have had a cold winter so far. I was getting bills around $225 at our house last year and we had a mild winter.

Last month I got a bill of $25. I was shocked then too, but it was our first cold weather bill, and I thought surely they hadn’t read our meter yet or something. So I was expecting it to all catch up this month. I got this bill, and slowly opened it expecting the worse. And as I said, I about fell out of the chair.

I started to get worried, thinking something is wrong, ….I’m going to get a huge bill sometime in the future. This just can’t be right. Heck, I’ve been keeping the thermostat on 72-73 degrees.

So I called up my landlord. Our heating IS natural gas, isn’t it? Yes, she assured me it is.

OK, so next I called Atmos Energy. Could you check and make sure my meter is being read? I just can hardly believe my bill is right. She checked, and came back. Your bill is right. Your meter is being read.

Wow! This is weird. I feel like I’m ripping somebody off or something. But hey, I’m going to relax and enjoy it.

This will pay for those jeans I bought last week that weren’t in the budget.

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