Saturday, February 24, 2007

Isnt this a pretty picture that a friend sent to me? Her husband is a photographer and they live in Friday Harbour of San Juan Island, WA. His website is here.

(Double-click on the picture to make it bigger).

It was taken at Skagit Valley near Tacoma, WA. Did you ever go there, Jocelyne?

I think the snow geese are so pretty and fun to watch. We used to have some at Rita Blanca Lake in Dalhart sometimes. When they all take off together, it is just amazing to watch (like the ones in the background of this picture).

The wind is blowing so hard here today. 40-50 mph with 60-70 mph gusts! Corbin & I tried to run across the street this morning, but had to walk mostly. It was just too hard to run in the wind. I thought he was going to blow away just like a leaf.

And another one.

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Jocelyne said...

I did - and I went to his website and saw lots of familiar scenes. I sure did love it up there - I've never been in a more beautiful place!