Sunday, February 18, 2007

Christ our Substitute

I love the gospel. It is truly a wonderful declaration to God’s people. And it IS a declaration, not an offering. The Lord Jesus Christ took upon himself all the sin of the elect and the punishment for that sin, and gave to us his holy & perfect righteousness. Now we can stand before the father, holy & without blame. Now we can enter into heaven and fellowship with the father. We have no sin. We are perfect. ---What? Me, perfect? How can that be? --Only, ONLY in Christ, my substitute. Praise his wonderful, holy name!

Jesus paid it all,
All to him I owe.
Sin hath left a crimson stain.
He washed it white as snow.


Eileen~ said...

It truly is amazing grace to know that our sins have been washed away by the blood of the Lamb and are now as white as snow and that we have Christ's perfect robe of righteousness! Amen Carol! I too love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

The fact that He covers our sin and makes us blameless when we deserve hell. I love this song, I changed a few words. I can hear daddy singing it! LOL


Once I was straying in sin's dark valley
No hope within could I see
He sent His firstborn, my lovely savior
To save a poor lost soul like me.

O what a savior, O hallelujah
His heart was broken, on Calvary;
His hands were nail-scarred, His side was riven,
He gave his life blood for even me.

He left the Father, with all His riches
With clamness sweet and serene;
Came down from heaven, and gave his life blood
To make the vilest sinner clean


Death's chilly waters, I'll soon be crossing
His hand will lead me safely o'er;
I'll join the chorus, in that great city,
And sing up there forever more.