Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Read this for a good laugh

I was surfing the web earlier tonight just perusing various blogs and I came upon this post by a lady about my age, I'm thinking. Anyway, as I read the post I just cracked up laughing, so I wanted to share it with ya'll.

A warning: it has some a couple of foul words in it and it is somewhat crude.

Be sure to read the comments too.

Here's the link: Maybe You Just Dont Want To Know

PS. You may have to be over 50 to relate.


Eileen~ said...

Funny, funny and once you are there it hits home.....:)

I like your new site, very nice!

Carol said...

Thanks Eileen. I've had fun working on it.

glenda said...

That blog post was hillarious.
I resemble those remarks! I have'nt laughed so hard in weeks! Rudy said he laughed just as hard watching me laugh! And as you WELL know I'm not 50 or over 50 yet! I copied that blog post and emailed it to all my menopausal friends.
Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

It was funny. I sat at my computer all by myself and laughed and laughed out loud.

I think it's only that funny if you've been there yourself.