Saturday, November 11, 2006

November Thankfulness: My husband

Yesterday was my 11th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe Bo & I have been married 11 years, then again sometimes it seems like 22 years! LOL. (Just kidding) Bo is a very hardworking man and such a good provider. I am very blessed to have him. He is very kind and caring and I am thankful for him. He told me earlier in the week that he would have to spend the night in Gruver last night and get some work done this (Saturday) morning, so I just figured he had forgotten about our anniversary. I rented an old movie to watch. (I just hate picking out movies at the movie store. There is just not much I'm interested in seeing) Then about 5:00 Bo called and told me Happy Anniversary! He was on his way home to surprise me and take me out to dinner, but knowing me, he decided he better call ahead or I would have already eaten by the time he got home. I usually eat supper about 5:30 or 6:00. Anyway, he got home and we went to a nice steak restaurant called Lincoln's. It was very good and we enjoyed it very much. Afterward we drove around the city for a while, stopped and had a yogurt at TCBY, and then came home and watched my movie. It was a very nice night!

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Anonymous said...

he doesnt drink much or smoke either. LOL