Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November Thankfulness: Heat

Last night Bo, Mason & I drove to Adrian (a little town about an hour from Amarillo) for Mason's basketball game. The wind was blowing about 40 mph with 60 mph gusts. Wow. The tumbleweeds were flying across the road like crazy. This morning it was still blowing and the temperature was in the 30's. Brrr. As we drove along last night, I was thinking of how nice it was to be in the truck all comfortable and cozy with the heater on. Of course, driving was a little challenging in the wind, but nevertheless we were nice and comfortable. It's nice and warm in my house now and cold outside. I'm thankful for the heat and shelter of my house.

Mason's game was pretty sad last night. They got beat by 60 points. Man, those boys in Adrian were good. They chewed up our team and spit them out. Funny because the game before, our team beat the other team by 40 points. Our team was feeling pretty good, and them wham! ....Talk about getting a helping of humble pie. Oh well, it was good experience for them and well, winning isnt everything.

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