Saturday, November 04, 2006

November Thankfulness: Bicycles

Today I am thankful for bicycles. It was a beautiful day today. 70 degrees and the wind was 7 mph. Perfect bicycle riding weather. I rode by myself for about six miles, then when Corbin got here he rode with me for another four miles. We rode down to Sonic to meet Mason as he was leaving from work, but they said he had already left, so we just got a strawberry slushee and shared it on the way home. We both got a couple of brain freezes as we drank it, but it was good anyway. Corbin rode thru a few puddles and someone's water sprinkler, even though I told him he shouldn't because he would get wet and cold. He thought it was fun though. Imagine that. We rode by a fire station and Corbin told me how his class had visited there this week and took cookies to the firemen. He wanted us to go in and ask for a tour but I thought we better not today, so we headed on home. When we got home, Mason was here. We had missed him somehow on the way over.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my sisters. I have 2 really great ones!!

Carol said...

Well, thank you! I feel the same. Our lives would be very different without each other being in it. What a blessing.