Saturday, July 28, 2007


I have been thinking lately that maybe, (just maybe, mind you), I sort of, want a little dog. I know that is a shock to those of you who know me very well. I have NEVER been a dog-person. I have never liked dogs and am annoyed by most dogs, but lately I have been entertaining the idea. My new neighbor, Suzanne has the cutest little Yorkshire Terrier, and I have actually felt somewhat affectionate towards it, which has got me to thinking about it.

Do I want a dog or don't I?? Would I get tired of it within a week? What a big responsibility it would be. And I sure do like my nice, clean, poopless backyard. Maybe I would enjoy it though, and I could take it on walks with me. Mmmm. I just don't know. --But I am thinking about it.


eileen~ said...

Oh how sweet. I have always had a dog and little ones are such good companions Carol. They love your lap and love being right by you all the time. And it is such fun to take them walking.

It isn't too hard to keep the yard poopless, especially a little dog. The hardest thing is with a puppy and getting them house trained, but worth it in the end.

Keep us posted!

Carol said...

What kind of dog do you have Eileen?

eileen~ said...

Right now I have a terrier mutt whose name is Joedog. I picked him up at the pound and have had him now for about 8 years...I do love the little guy.

My favorite dog of all time was a little tiny poodle that I had for 14 years, she was such a faithful companion. I would take her with me when I visited family by car and she always wanted to sleep in my suitcase....guess she sure didn't want to be left behind.

They love you, that is the catch!

Lodykajajo said...

A little minature poodle would be a good dog for you but you would have to let it stay in the house. Poodles shed very little if any but they do have to be groomed regularly. A little bitty dog (minature poodle or a Yorkshire Terrier) would be best for you so you could keep it clean so you would mind as much touching it. They do have to be touched and loved or they become a pain and a bother.

You would need to get a puppy because that is when they are the cutest and the sweetest. By the time they get older you are hooked!!!

Mine are never a bother to me I just feel bad when they bother other people.

Dogs are truly affectionate and they love you no matter what; at least the ones I have had.

Before you go out and get one, spend more time with your neighbors dog. Ask your neighbor if you can take it over to your house or offer to dog sit for a day or a weekend. It is a commitment when you have a dog.

Carol said...

Good suggestions! Thanks. I'm still thinking about it.