Sunday, July 22, 2007

Corbin got new glasses. Isn't he cute?

He came over on Thursday and spent the night with us. He and I went to see Spiderman 3. Yee Ha! I enjoyed the time with Corbin, but Spiderman 3 left alot to be desired in my opinion. LOL. Of course, Corbin thought it was great!

Last night Bo & I had his cousin, Linda and her husband over. We grilled some awesome steaks and enjoyed visiting with them. This morning Bo & I went for a 17 mile bike ride. It was such a beautiful morning and a great ride. Oh yea, and on Friday, Bo sold his motorcycle. That was a bittersweet moment. Glad to get it sold, but sad to see it go, too. We have had lots of good times on that motorcycle. Bo plans to buy a new bicycle with some of the money he got from the sale, so I know we will enjoy that.

Mason got a new job and worked his last day at Sonic today. He will now be working at 'the Water Still', a place to buy bottled water and flavored teas and such. He also got a raise with the new job, so that's good. He will finish up one of his summer classes this week, Medical Terminology. Still taking Intermediate Algebra. It will be finished in about 3 more weeks. This afternoon Bo & I took Mason to the Canadian River to ride his dirt bike. He rode for a little while, then his tire went flat so we had to come home.

Well, that's about it for our weekend. It was a nice one. Also, we listened to a great sermon this morning on Genesis 45:16-28 called 'Christ is Enough.' It was presented with Joseph being a picture of Christ and Jacob & his family as a picture of the elect of God. A very good sermon and we enjoyed it greatly.

Hope you had a good weekend too.

PS. It seems my blog is loading so slowly these days and I don't know why. I tried to fix it by changing the template, but that didn't seem to solve the problem. If anyone of my hundreds of readers out there (ha, yeah right) has a suggestion to fix it, please let me know! Bye.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

HAY HUN, I love your new haircut!!! I wish I had the courage to cut mine . This is the 1st time Ive even been on the computer in weeks. I find myself running circles around myself here lately!No time for anything!Love you!

Carol said...

Thanks for the hair compliment!

You need to slow down and take some time for yourself. You will be no good for anyone if you don't. Really.

Hey, did ya'll get Whitney's airline tickets yet? Do you have an itinerary to email to me?


eileen~ said...

It does load really slow and the only thing I wondered was if pictures take a long time to load, or maybe the quiz? I'm not too blog literate so I'm not sure. Have you looked at the blog help? Sometimes they have good answers there for specific things.

I always love my weekends even when I do nothing just cuz I'm not working but at home. I do love it at home.

Carol said...

Well, I removed several of the things on the side and it seems to be faster now. Thanks for the suggestion. Wonder which thing it was?? Oh well. Glad it's better now. Is it better there?

eileen~ said...

Hey Carol,
Absolutely amazing, it loads now in 2 seconds. I'm not sure what it was but this is much, much better, thanks!