Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm sitting out on my backporch. It's a beautiful day and I'm so thankful I can sit out in my yard again. I missed that alot for the last year or so. Cody, Jenny & Corbin came over on Sunday and we grilled steaks and ate outside. I just love it, ....except for one thing. There is a dog in the backyard next door that barks and barks and barks. He's a yellow lab and very friendly, but his barking is so annoying. Bo & I both have yelled at him several times, but he just keeps right on barking. Mostly it's when the owners are not at home, but sometimes they are. I would spray him with my water hose (like Dorothy does, ---LOL, good idea Dorothy) but it won't reach him. He has a pen on the other side of the neighbor's yard. I guess we will have to talk to the neighbors about it eventually and that's an awkward thing to have to do. They seem very nice so I hope they continue to be after THAT conversation (if we ever get up the nerve). I'll let ya know.

Hey Mary Ellen, I told you I put out a little bird feeder and it sat there for a month without the birds finding it. Well, they have found it now and I have to refill it almost everyday, they eat it up so fast.

I enjoy watching them though!


eileen~ said...

I've had to do the same thing with my neighbors. Once, they actually had to get rid of the dog because she NEVER shut up. Very annoying when you are swinging on the porch swing and cannot enjoy the quiet atmosphere. I often wonder....doesn't that drive them crazy too??

Hope it works out, courage!

Carol said...

I wonder that same thing, Eileen. Do they just not hear it, does it not bother them too, and don't they care that it probably bothers the neighbors?