Monday, January 15, 2007

Corbin spent the night with us on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, Corbin & I got all bundled up and walked over to the park to play in the snow. The snow is not very deep and it was an icy snow, so you really couldn't do much with it. Corbin just ran around sliding and such. And he found out that walking backwards into the wind was much more comfortable than walking forward into it. It sure was cold (like 20 degrees), but was fun. ---Making sweet memories!

Mason decided a little while ago he would walk over to the library. I told him, 'it is very cold out, you better wear your long underwear, a big coat, neck warmer, gloves, and such. He stood there in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with another open button-down shirt over it. 'Naw, I'll be fine,' he said. As he stood there, I typed into my internet browser. 'It's 23 degrees!' I said. 'You better get some warm clothes on. You will freeze if you don't.' He came back with, 'Why don't you just let me find out for myself instead of always telling me what to do? I'll be just fine.' "OK,' I said, 'see ya later.' So off he went. Now, mind you, it's a mile walk over to the library and a mile back. About 40 minutes later, here he comes walking in, about frozen. (He didn't even wear gloves!) 'I should've listened,' he said, 'I about froze to death,' he said as he touched my face with his very cold hands. I hated to say I told you so, but just couldn't resist. Teenagers! .....But to top it all off, the library was closed for Martin Luther King day.


Anonymous said...

It's tough when you love them so much that you want to protect them from everything that might harm or hurt them (even the weather) but they just have to learn the hard way. They don't seem to realize that you have already been the hard-headed one and you are just trying to save them from some pain and tough times. They don't want us to be their savior, just be there to pick up the pieces when things hurt!

Anonymous said...

Corbin sure looks cute in this picture. You had a good looking candidate for the pictures and a beautiful setting.

Carol said...

I agree, and I was probably the same way myself. Ugh.

Thanks, I think Corbin sure is cute, but then I'm very partial.