Sunday, January 28, 2007

Being thrifty isn't always nifty

Bo worked yesterday in Gruver, and Mason worked too, so I had the day to myself (which is nice every once in a while). I decided to go and do some 'window shopping' just to get out of the house. I'm just such a tight wad, it's hard for me to let go of money, and even though that can be a virtue, in some ways in can be a detriment. Just ask my husband! Anyway, first I headed over to Cavender's Boot City because I like their jeans. I am pretty tall (5'8) and have long legs so its hard for me to find jeans that are long enough. When I do find them long enough, they usually don't fit as I like, or they are too 'low-rised' for an old lady like me. So it's rare that I find a pair that are long enough and fit right, AND are a good price. (That's my jean dilemma. I'm sure everybody has one). Anyway, Cavendars carries Lawman Jeans and sometimes I can actually find a pair of Lawman Jeans that I like. And even though I was only window shopping, I like the challenge of finding 'the perfect pair of jeans.'

But guess what? I found a pair that I really liked, not perfect, (is there really any such thing) but a good fit, and they were 15% off. Yippee. But wait.... I'm only window shopping. I didn't expect to actually find a pair I like. I wasn't actually prepared (in my mind) to spend this money. So now I have a delimma on my hands. What to do, what to do??

I have a conversation with myself: It's not that often that I find a pair of jeans I actually like, yes but... I really don't want to spend this money. But the jeans actually fit well and they are even long enough.... But what if I get them home and they shrink in the washer, then they will be too short. Oh, they probably won't. It says they're prewashed and that's another thing, I really like the color of these jeans due to the prewashing.... I know, but they just cost too much, even with the 15% they are higher than I would prefer to pay.

Oh dear, what to do. I walked around the store looking at other jeans, took a few pairs to try on, hoping to find a cheaper pair that I like just as much, all to no avail. I tried on the good pair again. None even compared. Oh dear, I knew I was going to have to just bite the bullet and buy the jeans. So I hesitantly walked towards the check-out counter, all the while thinking, 'I can always bring them back, this is not permanent.'

Finally, I handed the jeans to the check-out clerk, gave her my credit card (which I ever-so-faithfully pay off in FULL every month), signed the receipt and headed home. When I got home, I carefully cut the tags off, saving them and the receipt, --just in case I freak out and decide to take the jeans back.

My, what an ordeal to put myself through. It's not as if we are destitute and can't afford a stupid pair of jeans. Sometimes I am so weird.

As I said, being thrifty is not a always virtue, although sometimes it does have it's rewards.


Eileen~ said...

Oh.......this is funny! I'm glad you bit the bullet and can now enjoy this nice pair of jeans that fit....

I had to give up being thrifty since I work out of the home and so I buy good clothes and they last much longer. I wish we could just have a uniform as such and call it good and then I could buy fun clothes...Not to be, I guess.

Have Bo take a picture of you in the jeans and then we can see the fruit of your dilema *smiling*

Carol said...

Yes I agree, good clothes do last longer. I'm just such a structured, budgeted person, sometimes I find it hard to do something spontaneous when it comes to spending. LOL. And that's not always a good thing, I know.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Truth is your a TIGHT-WAD...just like your mama and your daddy and your sister. I know just what you mean, I know just how you feel. I'm glad you bought the jeans too, in fact they are really cute and you say the waist comes up at least to the belly button? I may have to go check out a pair myself.
Love ya,

Carol said...

Truth is your a TIGHT-WAD...just like your mama and your daddy and your sister.

Yeah, and that too.

Oh yeah, ya'll have a Cavender's Boot City, too. Don't you? Yes, they have lots of higher waisted jeans. Go check it out.

Jocelyne said...

Those jeans ARE really cute! And I like the other lawman jeans you have. Spending money on clothes is important, tho - because unfortunately it is a representation of who you are - so think of it as an investment!