Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Today Uncle John died. He is Bo's uncle on his mother's side. He lived alone in Gruver, the town where Bo works and his extended family lives. Uncle John's wife died 11 or 12 years ago. I met her just a few times before she died. Uncle John had a stroke 15 or 20 years ago and had no use of one side of his body. His wife took good care of him while she was alive and everyone thought he wouldn't survive without her, but he did. He learned to take care of himself, but it was a struggle for him everyday. He was such a kind man, very friendly and thoughtful of others, never complaining of all his struggles.

Today a Meals-On-Wheels lady went to his house to take him lunch. He never came to the door, so she called Corky, Bo's dad. Corky went over to check on him and found his body still in his bed, but his spirit was no longer with us. We're so glad that he seems to have gone in a peaceful way, but sad that he's gone.

Bo, Jocelyne, & I took him lunch on Christmas Eve and visited with him for a little while. That's the last time we saw him. Bo has always been close to him, visits him regularly, and I know will miss him greatly. I will miss his smiling face too.

Goodbye Uncle Johnny! We are so glad to have known you.

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Mary Ellen said...

Tell Bo I am really sorry for the loss of his uncle. I know he will miss him. He sounds like a really special guy to have had in your life.