Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bo & I took Corbin and his two friends to Palo Duro Canyon today, and we all walked the 6 mile round trip to the Lighthouse.

No, you're not seeing double. The friends are twins. Two little boys whose parents are from Vietnam. Their names are Lam & Quan, and they are very sweet, inquisitive and fun little guys, and of course, my Corbin is also. We had a great time hiking along and visiting with these guys. I could not tell the twins apart and so every time I needed to get the attention of one of them, I would call out Lam-Quan!, and they would both turn around. I never did figure out how to tell them apart.

We were all so tired at the end and so glad to see the truck again and get some water to drink.

Then on the way home I turned around and this is what I saw in the back seat.

That's about how I feel myself tonight, ----along with a few sore muscles.

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