Saturday, May 19, 2007

Still Working (and feeling it too)

Another day of hard work! Here's the guest bath before and during:

Bo built the frame for the jacuzzi tub in the master bath today:

Then we pulled out all the carpet in the house and the little tacky boards that hold it in place.

The living room before & during. Not much difference except the carpet is gone.

Monday the hardwood floor layers come and the tile guy starts on the guest bath. The painters start next week also, and the wall paperers start doing the prep work in the bathrooms. It's exciting!


Eileen~ said...

Ooohh & Ahhhh, it is exciting just to watch, how long before you are in?

Carol said...

We are planning to move in the weekend of June 15. Hopefully everything will be done by then.

We really like the location and think we will enjoy living there.


Jocelyne said...

I know ya'll are working hard and must be exhausted but it looks like it is really gonna pay off and soon you'll be in a beautiful new place - I can't wait to come visit!