Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The guest bath is finished being tiled, but not grouted yet. I love the rust colored dots on the floor. I saw that done in an open house I went to several months ago. I took a picture of it and copied it.

I stuck two different wall papers on the wall above the tub, trying to decide which one to go with. I decided against the yellow-looking one. There just isnt enough contrast from the tile, I don't think. And I am still iffy on the rust one. It seems too dark for such a small room, but Bo likes it, so that may be it. I don't know, ......but I gotta make a decision SOON.

I am not a decorator and all these decisions are getting hard.

Mason & I put in a flower bed in the back yard today and it looks very nice. I just love my little backyard. I really appreciate it after not having a yard for a year.

The hardwood floor guys are finished for now and the painters start on the inside tomorrow. Thursday the granite countertops will be installed.

Every thing is coming along nicely so far.

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