Saturday, May 26, 2007

Progress Pictures

The living room has a new color. It's no longer green. Now it's tan.

A yellow kitchen! The black granite counter tops are under the plastic, but you cant see them. They look nice though.

Here's the granite on my vanity in the master bath. Doesn't it look good with the flowerdy wallpaper?? NOT!

--Also the jacuzzi tub.

Here's Bo's vanity.

We've got a bit of a problem in the shower. The walls near the bottom and the floor keep getting damp, and we don't know why. A plumber is coming on Tuesday again. Gotta figure that out before we tile it. It could be the problem that was there when we first started, (remember I said when we took out the old tiles it was wet behind them). We had it all replumbed and thought everything was ok now, but it keeps getting damp. Very weird. (and annoying!).

Here's a picture of Whitney I took today. She is going to a friend's wedding and is all dressed up.

Doesn't she look nice?!



Glenda, saved by grace said...

The house is coming along nicely!!
I know your getting more and more excited as the work progresses.
Thats a really good picture of your Whitney. She's coordinated from the nails to the lips. I really like her dress!
Hope ya'll have a great day.
Happy B-day to Meo!

eileen~ said...

I like the fireplace Carol, is it gas or does it use real wood, that will be cozy on a chilly day?

Carol said...

Thanks Glender. We are working hard. LOL.

Eileen, It uses real wood, but has a gas jet to get the fire started, so that's nice. Thanks, I like it too.