Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Progress

Here are some before and during pictures of our work-in-progress:

This is one side of the master bathroom. The shower is behind that wall on the left and there is a bathtub in front of it. Bo has torn out the whole shower and is now opening it up, and has taken out the bathtub. I had noticed when we first went in the house on Tuesday that it smelled very musty. When Bo got the old tiles torn out in the shower, we found out why. It was very wet behind there. He thinks the shower pan had been leaking, and it caused the bathroom and even the whole house to smell very musty and mildewy.

The bathtub and the tile backsplash is gone:

There will be glass in the open places in this picture and of course the shower will be retiled. I gave up on getting the wallpaper off the bathroom walls and called a wallpaper hanger person. They will finish the job and hang new wallpaper.

Here's the kitchen. We took out the island. It was a nice island, but it took up so much room in the kitchen, it made it look and feel small.

Bo & Mason worked hard scraping that linoleum off the floor the first day, but Bo decided on Wednesday to go downtown to where the day laborers hang out looking for work and pick up a couple of guys. They worked on the floor all day yesterday and got it all done.

I think the previous owners liked pink. LOL.

I will share more later.

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Lodykajajo said...

Looks like great progress going on!