Monday, March 06, 2006

Bo & I had a busy weekend. First I went to Amarillo on Friday to look for rent houses. I looked at several duplexes, apartments, and a few houses. I was very discouraged at what I was seeing....not really much available and not much for the high prices. Also most houses and duplexes wanted a one year lease agreement. We only need to rent for 6-8 months hopefully. So about 4:30 I decided to just give up for the day and head back to Big D. As I was leaving town, I saw a Realty office that said 'property management' on the sign. I decided to just stop in and see if they had anything. It just so happened they had one place available. It was a townhouse and 'very nice', the man said. So I headed across town to look at one more place, wondering if his idea of 'very nice' and mine were even close.

I thought it was a good price, compared to what I had been looking at all day, so really didn't expect find much. It WAS in a good area though. I found the place, went inside and to my surprise, it WAS very nice! The owner had just bought it (for investment property) and done alot of work inside, so it looks great! and he would rent it to us on a 6 month lease and month to month after that. I called Bo and told him about it and then told the realtor we wanted it. Yay! That was such a relief. Now we have somewhere to go. ---Now I've got alot of packing to do. Ugh.

Saturday we drove to Plainview to take Mason to meet the grandparents. He's staying with them this week. We all ate lunch at a Mexican Restaurant and visited with them for a little while, then headed back to Amarillo, did some shopping and came on home.

Then Sunday we went back to Amarillo to meet Mary Ellen at the airport. She came for a visit and will be here until Thursday. After we picked her up, we went and ate at Joe's Crabshack and it was very good. Then we did some errands and got back to Dalhart again about 5:00.

Well, that's about it for now. I am going to have a busy week!

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Jocelyne said...

I love it! I'm glad you found something you'll like. I'm so excited for you guys and the new adventure! Have fun getting settled - love ya
and have fun with your sister