Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Step Forward (Finally), Then One Step Back

Bo & I have been working hard to get Lilly housebroken. We take her outside ALOT and she will go, but she will go in the house too. Bo installed a doggie door for her and she goes outside sometimes by herself, but never to relieve herself. She only does that if we are with her. But today she went outside all by herself and pooped, then came back in. Yea!! I was so excited. (I was watching out the window). I gave her lots of praise and a treat. I was so happy, then in a few minutes, .........she peed in the floor.

Gosh, housebreaking a dog is hard.

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eileen~ said...

You made me laugh as I could picture you cheering her on as she pooped outside but then peed inside.

Oh the joy of a dog!