Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adam Wayne was born 26 years ago today. What a wonderful blessing from God!

Bo & I made a quick trip to Tyler on Thursday and got back today (Saturday). We spent most of the day on Friday visiting my Mama. She was doing pretty good that day and we enjoyed the visit very much. We also went over to visit Daddy & Dorothy. They were doing good and we enjoyed seeing them too.

We stayed with sister Mary & John. They put us up in their 5th wheel out beside their house. It was very comfortable and we are very appreciative of their hospitality. --Although I think they were ready to get rid of us this morning and John snuck out and turned the water off. Last time I was there, I think he snuck out and turned off the heat. LOL.

We went out to eat at Red Lobster on Friday night with sister Mary & John, sister Glenda & Rudy, Michael, Kelly & Caleb, and Whitney and her friend, Cindy. It was good food and good fellowship.

Michael is home on leave from the Marines and wow, he sure is all muscled up. I almost didn't recognize him, bulging out of his shirt like that!

He's a sweetie, and it was so good to see him, and everybody else too.


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Glenda, saved by grace said...

that Michael is a very handsome guy....... We enjoyed your quick trip. Happy birthing day to you! Adam was a sweet toot. I miss him.
My computer crashed, I'm pecking on this laptop. Happy new year to y'all!
Love, Gendy