Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We had a wonderful Christmas day yesterday. I cooked all morning and everything turned out delicious, if I do say so myself. The buttermilk pie was exceptionally good! Jocelyne, Cody & Jenny, Whitney, & Corbin were here with Bo, Mason & I. We ate lunch, then opened presents. We didn't do alot of presents this year, but it was no big deal. Corbin got a Nerf gun that everybody had fun playing with. Cody, Jenny & Corbin had to leave after a while to go to Dalhart to visit Jenny's family, so Bo, Jocelyne, Whitney, Mason & I went bowling. That was lots of fun. Bo was really hot yesterday! He bowled a 183. I started out really bad and had of score of around 50 the first game, but ended up improving and doing OK with a score of 130 in the second game. Mason did great the first game but petered out in the second. Whitney did pretty good in the first and bad in the second and Jocelyne stunk in both games. You just need to work on your moves Jocelyne! LOL. One, two, three, four, slide.

Anyway, Jocelyne left for Austin this morning, and Bo went to Gruver, so it's just back to Mason & I. We took the day off from school, but will start back tomorrow.

Hope you had a good Christmas!

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