Saturday, December 23, 2006

I really enjoy Christmas time. I love the getting together with family and fellowship, all the good food, the pretty lights, the trees and such. It’s just a special time, I think. I must say though that I don’t especially associate Christ with Christmas time anymore than I associate Christ with Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. I mean it’s hard to not think about it with all the nativity scenes and things you read and hear people say about it being Christ’s birthday and such, but I do feel like the Christ that’s being talked about by so many, is not the same Christ that I worship anyway. I worship a Christ that totally and completely accomplished salvation for his people. Nothing needs to be added to it. He did it all and every single person he died for WILL be saved. To say that we must add something to his death on the cross is robbing Christ of his glory, I believe, and God will not stand for that. And why should he? Everything that we do is tainted with sin. God is perfect and holy and just. He cannot and will not look upon sin. We need a perfect substitute and we have one in Christ, but it will and must be ALL Christ’s work and absolutely none of ours. It seems that in most religions today, we are told that we must make a decision, pray a prayer, DO SOMETHING in order to be saved. Not so! Christ, on the cross said, "It is finished." The work is done. All God's people are saved already. Praise his holy name. There is nothing we need to do.

No where in the bible are we told to celebrate Christ’s birthday, and we really don’t even know what day he was born. I don’t like seeing all the images men make to represent Christ at Christmas time and all year long, for that matter. (Are we to even make images of Christ?) How in the world could any doll or picture or even a real baby represent the glory and wonderfulness of Christ, our savior? I really find all the nativity scenes at Christmas time offensive.

I’m not against having a holiday called Christmas. It’s fine with me as a day of getting together with family and friends and such, and as I said, I really enjoy the holiday, but I don’t agree with setting the day aside as being more special than any other as far as remembering Christ. Christ’s birth and death should be celebrated in our hearts everyday.

So…… Merry Christmas to you or Happy Holidays or WHATEVER! May you have a wonderful holiday.

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