Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today was my day off and a good day. I have been working hard all week. My boss bought out a gas pipeline construction service company with over 100 employees. I have been getting all the employees set up in our system along with getting health insurance put in place and lots of other stuff. It has been alot of work, and will most likely continue to be for a while here, but I am enjoying it. I'm learning new things and meeting new people. It's been great and I'm excited about a new adventure. ....But I was glad to have a day off today.

I went to watch Corbin's basketball game this morning and saw Cody & Jenny, then I went to eat lunch and shopping with my good friend, Rhonda.

After that I went to the airport to pick up Bo, who has been in Phoenix all week, and we went to eat Mexican Food. Now I am enjoying a small glass of wine and just relaxing.

It was a good day. Hope yours was too!


Mamaw to 6 said...

Sounds like a good day with family and friends! What more can you ask for? I hope Corbin did well in his basketball game and had lots of fun. :) Dylan & Jake are starting their flag football season. I hope I get to go to a game or so this year.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Sounds like your all set. Don't drink too much!