Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Good Advice From PAJ

Always keep yourself in a position financially to where, if you lost your job tomorrow, you would still be OK.

PAJ, (my Daddy) told me this many times and I think it is such good advice. I keep hearing all the stories in the news about people loosing their jobs and are now in such financial trouble. I just have to wonder if maybe they didn't create some of this trouble themselves. If, when they had good jobs, they had lived as if they might loose their job tomorrow, surely they wouldn't be in such financial trouble now. I know there are exceptions to this. Some people have a bad illness, or some other hardship, and I'm not talking about those cases. I know that happens, but I do believe it is the exception and not the rule.

If, when someone is making good money, they spend wisely and live below their means, saving money, doubling up on house or car pmts and such, and they loose their job, they can go get a job at McDonalds if need be, and still be OK for a while.

Don't buy houses with house payments you can barely afford, the best vehicles with big car payments, and run up lots of credit card debt. Then of course, if you loose your job, you will be in big trouble fast.

I just believe this must be what has happened with so many people that are in such financial trouble now because they have lost their jobs. (Certainly not all). And we are asked to bale them out. We, who have tried hard to live within our means. ---I just don't get it.

What happened to suffering the consequences of our actions? We are never promised a life without hardships. Loosing a job is always a possibility. No one is immune to it. Why not think ahead when we HAVE the job and make wise decisions?

Just doesn't make sense to me.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

I'm with you 100%. Any credit card I ever got was paid off as soon as I possibly could , and I got it because I needed it, not just because I could. I think your right . Daddy gave us advise that has lasted this lifetime and I hope my children have learned it too.
Ive heard that wisdom is gained from the bible and sitting at the feet of a wise (older) person. I believe it.
Good post, I say, suffer the consequences!

Mamaw to 6 said...

Well, I have to say we got our wisdom from the best (THE JONES'). Even momma's line had Jones' in it. Maybe there's something to keeping up with the Jones'. If you keep up with them (at least the PAJ SR Jones')you'll always be OK. God made us from good stock!

Anonymous said...

Your Daddy is a wise man.