Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yesterday was Bo & I's 12th anniversary. WooHoo!

We couldn't think of anything special to do, so we decided to drive to Lubbock (about 2 hours away) for the day and just goof off and eat out. While we were there we remembered that Lubbock is where my neighbor, Suzanne said she got her little dog, so we thought we would call Suzanne, get the number to the breeder and just go LOOK at dogs. Yeah, that would be fun. Well, we got the number, called the breeder and headed out to their house. When we got there, she said she didn't have any puppies ready right now, but she had two 5 month old female Yorkies that she was saving to use as breeders, but had decided they were just too small, so she was going to sell them. They were about 3-4 lbs each. Oh dear, that sure is small, but they were just so cute. Another couple was there looking at them too. We stayed for 30-45 minutes and of course, we couldn't help but want one, but I just couldn't decide for sure. (Such a big decision for me, you know). The other couple took one of the dogs and left. Bo & I decided we would go back to town and eat and just think about it for a little while. I worried and fretted about it the whole time. Should we? shouldn't we? should we? shouldn't we?

After a couple of hours, as we were driving around we just happened to wind up at Petsmart. Mmmm. Imagine that. So we wandered in and bought a few dog things. OK, we were gettin a dog. ....Oh dear. ....I am so nervous about all this. We called the breeder back to tell her yes, we want the dog.

I'm sorry, I just sold it. She said.

You're kidding! Did you really? (After all the agonizing I did about it?)

Yes, I did. I really didn't think you were going to take it. .....But since that happened, I do have a 6 month old female that I was going to use as a breeder that I will sell to you. She is a little bigger than the other two though. She weights 5 lbs.

OK, we'll come look at her and see what we think. (We didn't mention that we had already loaded down the car with doggie things)

Well, of course "Lilly" was so very cute too! We filled out the papers, wrote the check, loaded her up, and headed back home.

So now we have a dog. Oh my gosh! Me, with a dog. If you know me very well, you know just how odd that is. I have never liked dogs, ever. But, I like Lilly alot so far. We'll see how it goes.

Today Lilly & I went for a bike ride.

Oh, and Bo says this is a trial. He will hold off getting too attached to Lilly. If I should change my mind in the first couple of months, we can sell her. "Carol with a dog" is not written in STONE. (I think maybe he just said that so I would say yes to getting her) LOL.

--But I'm going to give it a good shot.


eileen~ said...

Wow, I am so excited for you and what a doll she is. Did she just stay in that basket on your bike while you took a ride?

Is she already housebroken? That is the biggest obstacle and if she is you have it made.

Oh, I hope you love her. Keep us posted on how your are doing, once she falls in love with you you won't be able to not do likewise..:)

eileen~ said...

Oh BTW, happy anniversary!

Carol said...

Hi Eileen, I put bungee cords across the top of the basket so she couldn't jump out, but I really didn't even need them. She never tried to jump out. I will use them anyway just in case.

And no, she's not housebroken. Ugh. We're working on it.

Thanks for the anniversary wish!

Lodykajajo said...

Oh, I am so excited!!! Are you going to bring her for Thanksgiving??

BTW, Happy Anniversary!

We were in Houston this past weekend for Jake's 5th birthday. We just got home today around noon.

Carol said...


I hope Jake had a good birthday.

I called you just before noon. I thought maybe you weren't back from Houston yet.

Anonymous said...

Cute lil doggie! I am allergic to them but if I could I'd get one. Just keep it up, it gets easier so I'm told.

Carol said...

Hi Mary! You're allergic to dogs? Oh my, dogs are everywhere, it seems. That would be hard.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

I will believe it when I see it!!!I know, I see pictures, but those could be props with your neighbors dog...Change could be good...Maybe you CAN teach an old dog(girl) new tricks. So you got a dog for your anniversary. Congratulations to YOU both.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Carol said...

There have been times in the last couple of days that I wished Lilly was my neighbor's dog, but no, she is mine. She's really sweet and so smart. I just wish she would get house broken. LOL.

Thanks! Bye. See in next week.