Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is that a monkey in that tree??

No. It's my niece, Whitney. She's been staying with me this week, and we have had a lovely time.

Tonight we went for a bike ride. As we were casually riding along, we saw four kids riding towards us on the opposite side of the road, two boys and two girls, about 11-12 years old. All of a sudden, the two boys started riding fast and swung over to our side of the road riding straight towards us. It was sorta scary. I thought they were going to hit us, but when they got right in front of us, they swerved around us, laughing all the way. As they went by us, one boy's hat fell off. I stopped and picked it up. The two girls yelled, 'we'll get it,' and turned around to come for the hat. One girl came up to me, stuck out her hand and said, 'I'll take it to him.' 'No mam, you won't,' I said. 'I will give him back his hat, but he needs to come back here and ask me for it. What they did was very rude and dangerous, and I don't appreciate it. It scared us and could have caused us to have a wreck.' The two little girls just stood there in unbelief. 'They were only playing around,' one girl said. 'Well, that's no way to play around. If they want the hat, they need to come and get it.' The boys were waiting about a block down the road. 'Well, ok then,' and off the girls went. They rode down to the boys and we could hear them all laugh as the girls relayed the message. One of the boys yelled 'you can have it, I don't care!' .......All-righty then, Whitney and I proceeded to ride off (with the hat). As we did the boys yelled obscenities at us as they rode off in the other direction.

Other than all that, we had a very nice bike ride.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

dumb ole boys...good thing Whitneys mama was'nt there, I'd of followed them home and told their parents...but now days the parents probly wouldn't care. They probly would call the cops on me for stealing their hat... I sure love and miss my Ninya bedinya, we may have to take up bike riding! ya'll drive safe tomorrow!

eileen~ said...

Rude, Rude, Rude and I love it, I love what you did. I used to walk my dog downtown around the park and I had to quit because of the rude kids who wouldn't move an inch to let me by. I wanted to pop them one but knew I couldn't or no telling what they would do.

He showed his true colors when he wouldn't come back and get his hat and apologize, a bit of a chicken actually!! And he thought he was so cool!